Halloween Goofballs

These guys might look square, but they’re a lot of fun at Halloween parties!

You need:
1 or more Pebbles cereal box
Construction or wrapping paper (the larger the better) in halloween colors
Clear tape
2 push pins

Here’s what to do:

1. Tape the top of the empty box shut.
2. Wrap the box, like a present, with green paper.
3. Cut a strip of black paper the width of the box and cut the bottom edge so that it has fringe. Draw a zigzag mouth, scars, and cut out white half circles for the eyes (color in the pupils with a black marker). Don’t forget to add a massive unibrow.
4. Glue your facial features into place.
5. Press a push pin into each side of the box, low down where Frankenstein’s neck should be. Put a little bit of glue on the inside edge of the push pins to keep them in place.

1. Tape the top of the empty box shut.
2. Wrap the box, like a present, with purple paper.
3. Cut a strip of black paper the width of the box and cut two half moons side-by-side to create Dracula’s widow’s peak. Cut out white half circles for the eyes (color in the pupils with a black marker), add the black paper unibrow, and make a mouth in any shape you like, adding red fangs to make him even creepier.
4. Glue the facial features into place.
5. Don’t stop there! Using other colors of paper, cut out eyes (be creative—your character can have one massive eye or 20 small ones), a mouth (lots of teeth!) and anything else you think your goofball needs. Hair, eyebrows, a mustache—the options are endless.

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Pebbles Filled Popsicle Piñata

Celebrate with a PEBBLES™ filled popsicle piñata!

You need:
•    1 Box of Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal
•    Scissors
•    Non-Toxic School Glue
•    Fringe Scissors
•    Awl
•    Brown, Various Colored Crepe Paper and Mylar Paper of your choice. Mine is pink and yellow themed, but you can do any color you’d like.
•    Duct Tape
•    Rainbow String

Here’s what to do:
1. Cut up your empty Fruity Pebbles Cereal box into 7 pieces. The front and back of the box will be the main body of the popsicle piñata. The long sides of the box will be the middle of the piñata. The bottom of the box will be the bottom of the piñata. Cut two inches off the bottom of the front and back panels to make the popsicle stick
2. After you’ve cut your box pieces, cut your crepe and mylar piece to fringe. Cut 6.5 inch pieces for the body and 2 inch pieces for the sides and popsicle stick. You can always cut down your paper after you glue it on to your piñata, so it doesn’t have to be exact.
3. Cut and fringe all your cut pieces.
4. After you’re done with all the fringing, build your popsicle piñata by duct taping all the pieces together like so.
5. Before you completely seal up your popsicle piñata, use your awl to make a hole at the top and pull a knotted piece of string through the top of the piñata. This is what you’ll use to hang your piñata. You’ll also fill your piñata with your yummy Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal! Seal it all up and begin to glue on your fringe pieces. You’ll want to cover the entire piñata with your fringe on every side. Once you’re done gluing on your fringe paper, let it dry over night.
6. Once it’s dry, it’s ready to play with! You can break out the piñata sticks and have your kids break open the piñata! You can fill it with cute back-to-school erasers and little toys too!

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Cereal Box Aquarium

Get into the swim with this fun and creative craft.

You need:

•    1 empty PEBBLES cereal box
•    A handful or two of Cocoa PEBBLES
•    Construction paper
•    Shells
•    Stones
•    Green pipe cleaners
•    Google Eyes
•    White string
•    Turquoise (or any color you think looks like the ocean) paint
•    Silver paint
•    Paintbrushes
•    Craft of utility knife (let an adult do this part)
•    Scissors
•    Pen or pencil
•    Ruler
•    Glue
•    Tape
•    Optional: glue gun (to be used only by adults)

Here’s what to do:
1. Place the box flat on your workspace so that the back is facing up. Then use the pen or pencil and a ruler to draw a rectangle that leaves a one inch frame on all sides.
2. Have an adult use a craft knife to cut out the rectangle. Be careful not to cut the other side of the box.
3. Paint the inside of the box blue. When it dries, paint the outside of the box, including the frame, silver.
4. Decorate! Start with a layer of stones on the bottom of your aquarium. These may be too heavy for white school glue, so if you need to use a hot glue gun, ask an adult for help.
5. Using the white glue, decorate the back wall of the aquarium with Cocoa PEBBLES so that it looks like mounds of sand.
6. Cut the pipe cleaner into different lengths and clump them in bunches in each corner of the aquarium. Glue each bunch to the bottom of the aquarium. You can use shells to cover up the bottom of the pipe cleaners.
7. Glue shells in other parts of the aquarium. (These will also need a hot glue gun.)
8. Draw a some simple fish on construction paper. Then, using the scissors, cut out two or three fish.
9. Glue a googly eye onto each fish.
10. Measure 3 pieces of white string so they hang approximately halfway down the back of the aquarium. They should be slightly different lengths.
11. Tape each piece of string to the back of a fish.
12. Now tape the top of each string to the inside top of the aquarium/PEBBLES box.

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